Rashis (zodiac) in Vedic Astrology

In Vedic Astrology Sign of first house is called Lagna and Sign placed with Chandra is known as Rashi. Chandra defines the mind and Lagna defines the person. In one’s kundali if first house sign is Tula, the Lagna will be Tula and Chandra is placed in Vrishchika sign then Rashi will be Vrischika. There are 12 Rashis spread over 30 degrees each. 

Karka (Cancer)

Persons born under Karka Rashi above average height, stout and walk with rolling gait, have a round face, full cheeks, short nose, grey or light blue eyes, pale complexion, wide chest and small hands and feet. They are fond of change, novelty and travelling. Are inclined to public life, sympathetic, impatient, sentimental, sympathetic, emotional and hyper sensitive, are easily angered, diplomatic and discreet. They are brave, industrious, emotional and are romantic.

Karka Rashi persons are afflicted with diseases of chest and stomach, lungs, flu, asthma, tuberculosis, dyspepsia, gastric issues, flatulence, bile and weak digestion. Have fragile health early in life which improves as age advances.

Persons born with Karka Rashi are good spouses devoted to domestic life, are sincere, affectionate and sympathetic. They lead a monotonous romance less life. They are good parents for their children and can sacrifice own needs for the comfort of their children.

Karka Rashi males like to marry a homely girl and keep their wives cheerful and happy. Suitable matches for Karka Rashi persons are Vrishchika and Meena.

Cancer born are devoted to their family. They love the home, and derive pleasure. Fond of collecting antiquities, constant journeys but even they keep home comfortable. A good family atmosphere,attend to their friends, host them to their full satisfaction. Love of home and children are their basic instinct. They desire to keep friendship on long standing basis. A good homely atmosphere prevails generally.

Suitable professions are careers in things related to water, conches, pearl, fish, sailors, shipping, navy, Import - export, transport, caterer, orators, preachers or contractors. They accumulate wealth by their own hard work. They are fortunate in finances.

Lucky days are Sunday and Friday. Lucky colours are white, cream, red and yellow. Lucky numbers are 4 and 6. Suitable stones are yellow sapphire and pearls.


Vrishchik (Scorpio)

People born with Vrishchika rashi have a good personality, robust toned body, long hands, broad face, commanding appearance, short and curly hair, square type of face, prominent brows and dusky complexion.

Vrishchika is the sign of poisonous reptile “Bichhu”. Vrishchika borns are of two types, ones who have control over their senses and the ones who are jealous of others. Vrishchika persons are rude, strong willed, irreconcilable, are undefeatable, seek sensuous pleasures, are quick, keen, shrewd, have penetrating mind & keen judgement. They are self-reliant, bold, have fixed views, subtle mind, energetic, courageous, sarcastic, are practical, are interested in occult, chemical research & mystery. They are often assertive, extremist, have strong likes and dislikes, tendency to override others.

They have intense emotions, are resourceful, enjoy life, are impulsive, forceful and have both constructive and destructive ability, are frugal, unyielding, short tempered, get irritated, are rational thinkers, hate gossip, are free frank, plain & sarcastic, are true, loyal, faithful & reliable. They are revengeful, relentless and selfish against who misbehave or are unfaithful. They cannot remain idle, their best comes out while facing obstacles and they never surrender but fight till the end. They have fertile imagination, are reserved, tenacious, determined & quick witted, alert, forceful and positive are often blunt and are fond of traveling.

Vrishchika born persons suffer from ailments of generative organs, Pelvic bone, bladder, prostrate enlargement, testicles and seminal vesicles. May suffer from brain afflictions, insomnia, coma and trance.

Vrishchika born persons have sound finances, are blessed with money, vehicles, business or good position in service and house. They are spendthrift persons. They are best detectives and fond of investigating mysteries. Suitable careers for Vrishchika borns are in chemistry, medicine, insurance, maternity, surgeon, chemists, research work, detectives, iron & steel works, military and Navy They are good and honourable professionals.

People born with Vrishchika rashi are intense, dynamic & energetic in romance. They have complex moods and cannot tolerate criticism. They provide all comforts to their family. The wives are just, honest and sincere. Husbands appreciate qualities of their wives, loves them, cares for family honour, are sometimes rash in temperament but of adjustable nature. Suitable matches for Vrishchika rashi are persons born with Vrishchika, Meena, Karka, Kanya, Makara and Vrishabha rashis. The children are lucky and intelligent.

Lucky days are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Thursday. Lucky numbers are 3,9,4,1,2 and 7. Suitable colours are Yellow, Red, Orange and Cream. Suitable gemstones are yellow Sapphire or dark Red Coral.


Meena (Pisces)

Persons born with Meena rashi are short stature, have plum body, short limbs, pale complexion, double chin, muscular shoulders, big protruding eyes, soft and silky hair, wide mouth. They are quick to understand, inspirational, versatile, easy going, good natured, emotional, like music, passionate, affectionate, charitable, secretive, reserved, mysterious and philosophical. Are kind, loving, truthful, sympathetic, courteous, restless, helpful, humane. They often lack self-confidence, self-esteem, are modest & timid. They are a mystery for others, sweet tempered & social. Are led away by fancies and new ideas, are over anxious, indecisive and lacking in life & energy. Are of varying moods, over liberal, keep hopes on other's promise, addicted to drink, love occult science.
Persons born with Meena rashi will suffer from gastric troubles, varicose veins, affliction of bile, ankle, feet, teeth, left eye, tuberculosis, tumor, mucous troubles, enlarged liver, deafness, nervous debility, cramps, chillness, intestinal troubles, typhoid, over drugging, fracture, deformities, piles, inflammation, hernia, nervous debility, deafness, swollen feet, perspiration, enlargements of liver, deficiency of enzymes, intestine troubles, gout and rheumatism.
Meena rashi persons are attracted to romantic life, prefer beautiful & intelligent partner, have suspicious nature, like flattery, are affectionate, lead a happy married life, are kind, sympathetic and loyal. They love their children. Suitable match for Meena rashi are persons born under Kanya and Karka rashis. Meena rashi husbands are affectionate, kind, full of love but suspicious by nature, are sincere and true. They maintain harmony at home. Meena rashi wives are beautiful, have large eyes, are romantic & passionate, are liberal and generous, are sweet tempered, social, polite and modest.
Suitable careers for persons born with Meena rashi are food business, accountants, bankers, music, cinema, occult sciences, liaison officer, Managing Director or Chairman, Navy & Shipping, dealers of drinks, oils, beverages, cosmetics, chemicals and medical supplies.
For Meena born persons Lucky days are Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Suitable colours are Red, Yellow, Rose and Orange. Lucky numbers are 1,4,3 and 9. Suitable gemstones are Topaz or Pukhraj, yellow Sapphire and red Coral.

Mesha (Aries)

Persons born under Mesha Rashi have lean and muscular body, middle stature, reddish complexion, long face & neck, broad head and narrow chin, thin features, thick eye brows, rough hair and eyes grey to greyish brown.
They are generous, well informed, quick to act and are progressive, ambitious, courageous, energetic, brave, enterprising, impulsive and genuine and are favour one’s independence. They are simple, frank, outspoken, and good commanders. They are not good in organising, are good guides and can control people. Face legal complications in life. Have plenty of enemies.

They enjoy good health, are prone to minor injuries & accidents, have headache, burns, inflammation, colic issues, fever, pimples, paralysis and insomnia.

They are frank & enthusiastic in love, are good natured & charming. They are practical persons, desire affection, freedom & adventure in love. Are desirable partners, they select beautiful and smart wives. Suitable match are persons born with Simha, Tula and Dhanu Rashi. They love neat & clean houses, are good friends & excellent hosts. They Love their home and family and are cheerful persons.

They are not meant for wealth creation, lose money impulsively and finances are always unbalanced. Suitable professions are the ones ruled by Mangal like Army, Defence Surgeons, Police, Chemist, Law, Iron & Steel, machines, and industry.

Lucky days for Mesh Rashi persons are Tuesday, Saturday and Friday. They should fast on Tuesday. Lucky numbers are Nine and One. Favourable colours are Red, Yellow, Copper and Golden.


Simha (Leo)

Persons born under Simha Rashi have broad shoulders, reddish complexion, large bones & muscles and are tall, thin waste, prominent knees, soft and wavy hair, full sized round head, are imposing, commanding and dignified. They are ambitious, generous, honourable, frank warm hearted, confident, fearless, impulsive, determined, preserving, fond of power, like art, cheerful, optimistic and generous.
Simha Rashi persons are good natured, philosophical, frank, outspoken, strong will power, independent, forceful, impulsive, inspiring, hopeful, helpful have independent views, good organisers. Simha is a fiery sign and these persons are ambitious, brilliant, clever, commanding, dominating, enthusiastic, joyous are good leaders, have rash & hasty, have bad temperament, are brave, liberal & extroverts.

Simha Rashi persons generally have splendid health and recovery from illnesses is rapid. They may suffer from diseases of the heart, spine, nerves, fibre, bone, intestines, muscles, coronary issues, sun stroke, inflamation, epilepsy, rheumatism. Ailments under influence of
other Grahas are swelling of ankle, surgical operations.

Persons born with Simha Rashi are fortunate and have good resources. Are spendthrift, gamble. They may face financial troubles in older age. Suitable careers are position in government, senior managers, directors and captons.

Simha Rashi persons are romantic, passionate, sincere & faithful in love. They love their children. Women are ambitious, ideal managers, social workers, self sacrificing. They need one to keep her under control as they are very passionate for sex. Suitable matches are Mesha, Dhanur, Mithuna and Tula Rashis. Simha Rashi persons are born to rule and expect everyone at home to be submissive, cooperative and obedient. They keep home tidy and decorated, are choosy for clothes, furniture and curtains.

Lucky days are Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Lucky numbers are 1,4,5,9 and 6. Favourable colours are Orange, Red and Green. Suitable gemstones are Ruby and Emerald.

Dhanu (Sagittarius)

People born with Dhanu rashi have a proportional well developed body, are tall, slender, have oval face, large forehead, high eyebrows, long nose, bright & expressive blue or hazel eyes, clear complexion. They have a charming appearance, graceful look and handsome figure, have Chestnut hair inclining to baldness. Dhanu rashi born persons are generous, bold, good hearted, ambitious, greedy, just, frank, free, cheerful, charitable & friendly. They look for the bright side of things, are dauntless, confident, active, enterprising, sympathetic, humane, impulsive, love travelling and outdoor sports. Obstacles bring out the best in them. They are blessed with energy, enthusiasm, vigour & vitality. Dhanu borns have inclination to philosophy, law, medicine and religion.

They remain calm in adverse conditions, are jovial, hopeful, generous, they love liberty & independence, are good humoured & honourable. They are frank, fearless, demonstrative, out spoken, energetic, ambitious and sincere. They love truth, are God fearing & religious. They are blended with power of intuition and prophetic. At times they are restless, over anxious and highly strung. Respectful to religion, law and order and customs. They cannot remain under control of others.

Persons born with Dhanu rashi generally enjoy good health but suffer health issues related to hips, thighs, lions, buttocks, gout, rheumatic pain, hip fracture, lung diseases, ulcer in thigh, diabetes, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and diabetes.

Persons born with Dhanu rashi generally have a happy & prosperous life. They make quick friends due to their sweet smile and wit. Dhanu born husbands flare up quickly, are fond of games, sports & clubs, are persons of high morality and dignity, they maintain integrity. Suitable matches are persons born with Dhanu, Mithuna and Simha rashis.

Professions suitable to Dhanu rashi borns are company law, civil engineering, contractor, foreign affairs, teacher, preacher, public speaker, bank employee, politics, editing and publishing.

Lucky days are Wednesday, Friday, Thursday and Sundays. Lucky numbers are 6,3,5 and 8. Suitable colours are white, cream, green, orange, light blue, and emerald. Suitable stones are Topaz, yellow Sapphire and red Coral.


Vrishabha (Taurus)

Persons born under Vrishabha Rashi are of middle height, broad forehead, bright eyes, thick neck, dark hairs, clear complexion, well developed body, ambitious and obstinate and are conservative, determined, social, affectionate & loving. They can also be unreasonable, prejudiced and angry. They are patient, violent, slow & steady and have strong Will. Are hard workers, stubborn & unyielding, secretive, reserved, sincere, reliable & trustworthy. They are fond of pleasure & love, beauty, art, music & literature. They are good earners from executive jobs. Are dependable for their opinion.

They possess robust health. They are prone to diseases of throat, tonsils, diphtheria, neck, teeth, cold, pimples, eyesores and constipation.

They have saving nature and hoard money and spend sparingly and not extravagantly. Basic nature is of patience & perseverance, materialistic mind, are practical and rise gradually, don’t take risks and play safe.

They have love affairs, good taste in music, art, cinema & drama. Are not impulsive and take long time in selecting partner in life. They are faithful in love, deep emotions, don’t like to quarrel and hate confusion, always fulfil their obligations. Are loving and devoted wives & husbands. Are fond partying and good food. Suitable match are persons born with Kanya, Makara, Karka, Vrishchika & Meena Rashi. These matches will be of good & peaceful partners maintaining harmony and happy life.

Persons born with Vrishabha Rashi are often traders of luxury goods, cosmetics, jewels & gemstones. Careers related to finance, agriculture, music, cinema, transport, IncomeTax, fashion & beauty, ladies garments are best suited for them.

Lucky days are Friday, Wednesday, Saturday & Monday. Lucky numbers are two and eight. Best suited colours are Pink, Green and White. Lucky stones are Diamond, Sapphire and Emerald in Gold or Platinum.


Kanya (Virgo)

Persons born with Kanya Rashi are tall, slender, dark hair, thick eyebrows, shrill voice, walk quickly, straight nose, seem younger than age, have a pronounced forehead, are frank & honest, fond of learning, active, good mental abilities, critical, methodical, ingenious, undecided, precise, lack self-confidence, are perceptive, intuitive, critical, meticulous and are analytical & thoughtful. They are generally ambitious, conservative, modest, contemplative, industrious, practical, are experts in fault finding, diplomatic, prudent.

Kanya Rashi people generally enjoy good health with long life. They are prone to diseases of bowls, abdomen, nervous disorders, stomach and nervous system, gall stones, dysentry, typhoid, minor injuries, kidney and large intestines.

Suitable careers for persons of Kanya Rashi are finance and business. They have a good commercial instinct and hard work brings them to the top. Return on investments will be poor.

Kanya Rashi persons are intelligent and find difficult to select a life partner as they give more importance to intelligence rather than pleasure or romance. They provide all comforts to their spouse and family members and lead a happy married life. Suitable matches for them are persons born with Vrishabha, Makara, Karka and Vrishchika Rashis. The wives are generally religious & God fearing women. 

Lucky days are Wednesday, Friday, Monday and Thursday. Lucky numbers are 2,3,5,6 and 7 Suitable stones are Emerald, Pearl, Diamond and Yellow Sapphire.


Makara (Capricorn)

Persons born with Makara rashi have prominent features, are thin and tall, prominent nose, thick neck, long chin, dark or black hair, thin beard, not very handsome, have a scar or mole in the knee cap and have defective walk.

They are economical, prudent, reserved, pensive, reasonable, thoughtful, of practical nature, are calculative, secretive, quite, mentally genuine, changeable, confident, desire wealth, power and authority, have ability for managing & organizing and are methodical.

They are fast executors, take careful decisions, have good tolerance, patience & steady nature, are serious, quite, thoughtful, dignified, cautious, hard worker, modest & polite. They are thrifty, respectful to religion, are very honest & sincere or very dishonest, selfish, greedy, miserly, criminals.

Makara rashi born persons are depressed, discontented, worrying, gloomy. They suffer from diseases like injury to body parts, knee cap, skin disease like eczema, dislocation, hysteria, rheumatism, palpitation, cardiac issues, blood pressure, fever, bronchitis, pneumonia, fracture & dislocation.  

Persons born with Makara rashi are not emotional, are slow & cautious in approaching opposite sex and take a long time in choosing their partner. They do not demonstrate affection and love and are not fit for romance. Husbands are not romantic although provide all comforts to their family. Suitable matches for Makara rashi born people are persons of Vrishchika, Meena and Karka rashis. They do not mix with their children and keep them under control. They are dutiful to the family, keep their home neat & beautiful, hate noise and like calm & privacy, seclusion and peace.

Makara rashi persons are serious about name, fame, money and reputation and work consistently for success.

Suitable career options for Makara rashi born persons are business of kerosene, land & animals, related to irrigation, agriculturist, engineer, cement manufacturer, lawyer, brick kiln owner, dealers in scientific instruments, physician, scientist, land & mine products, long term contracts, chemicals and leather, religious leaders.

Lucky days are Friday, Tuesday, Saturday and Wednesdays. Lucky numbers are 6,9,8. Suitable colours are white, black, red and blue. Suitable gemstone is blue sapphire.  

Mithuna (Gemini)

Persons born under Mithuna Rashi are tall, upright, slender, quick, lovely, shy, nervous and restless. They like fine arts & travel. Are fast learners and acquire good education. They are good and quality workers. Their weaknesses are they lack determination for work and it’s completion, lack of concentration & decision. They are ambitious, aspiring, curious, impatient and argumentative, fond of recreation, anxious & indecisive, hasty & anxious. They are genuine and reliable advisors, are progressive, energetic, inventive and ingenious.

They lack concentration and decision making.

Worry & anxiety is a major cause for their ill health. Mithuna Rashi persons are prone to health issues related to lungs, shoulders, arms, cold, influenza, bronchitis and T.B. Piles, fistula, bladder & kidney infections.

Mithuna rashi persons make friends fast and start finding faults quickly and lose them. They have a complex mind and feel happy with romance. Their mind controls their emotions and are calculative in love. They have a flirty nature. They want a docile wife who’ll not take their flirtations seriously. They cannot tolerate overbearing wives. Suitable matches are persons Tula, Kumbh, Mesh and Simha Rashi.

Persons born with Mithuna Rashi are active, alert and good speakers. Suitable professions for them are brokers, agents, businessmen, secretaries, advocates and journalism. They are always able to find new methods of earnings and often have dual sources of income.

Lucky days are Monday, Thursday, Wednesday and Friday. Lucky numbers are are 7 and 3. Suitable colours are yellow, purple, blue, green and pink. Suitable gemstones are Emerald and Yellow Sapphire.


Tula (Libra)

Persons born with Tula Rashi have good complexion, well formed body, are tall and slender, have blue or brown eyes, are passionate, have oval face, good features & dimples and are graceful.

Tula Rashi persons like good dress, perfumes, art, music. They have fertile imagination, are intuitive, good intellect, pleasant nature, are artists, hopeful, cheerful, humane, just, orderly, sympathetic, loving and social. They are very courteous and hospitable, anger quickly, like beauty, are easily appeased. Tula Rashi persons are generally affectionate, kind, generous, compassionate, idealistic, artistic, adoptable, constructive, sexy, passionate and are very popular. They are good and fast friends and honest in love. They have multiple love affairs and they marry early in life.

Tula Rashi persons generally suffer from diseases of infections, kidneys, spine, uterus and  reproductive organs, appendicitis and lumbago.

Persons of Tula Rashi are expert in love affairs and are the best people for sex life and are sincere and affectionate in love have charming manners and are able to attract the opposite sex. They are cheerful, romantic, passionate and have accommodating nature. They provide their families all comforts and luxurious life. Suitable match for Tula Rashi persons are people with Mithuna and Kumbha rashis. They lead a happy & harmonious life. They love to maintain a well decorated & furnished house. They possess expensive jewellery, love their home, family and children. They fond of parties at home and with friends.

Suitable careers for Tula rashi persons are government services and offices. They have a successful financial and social life. They are successful lawyers, chemists, electrical engineers, transporters, Navy, painters, writers, musician, play back singers, architects, teachers and salesmen.

Lucky days are Sunday, Monday, Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Lucky numbers are 1,2,4 and 7. Suitable colours are Orange, White, and Red. Suitable gemstone is diamond.


Kumbha (Aquarius)

Persons born with Kumbha rashi are tall, strong, well-formed body, clear complexion, oval face, brown shade hair, mole or scar on calf-muscles, fleshy face and good looking. They are intelligent, have good memory & reasoning, have good concentration, are kind, humane, happy, inventive & psychic. Have many friends, broad outlook, like solitude. Kumbha rashi persons are serious, thoughtful, contemplative, cautions, prudent, economical, practical, outspoken, unselfish, humane, impersonal, are social but choosey about friends, are hard workers, good organisers, shrewd, clear headed, quick-witted, use own thinking and discretion to originate ideas. Their actions are morally right and stick to principles, are strong in their likes and dislikes, are stubborn, have good intuition & concentration, they like to act instead of preaching others. Honour, fame and wealth come to them, but are both fortunate and unfortunate.

Kumbha rashi born persons are prone to infectious diseases, heart trouble, rheumatism, blood pressure, ailments of tooth, throat & tonsils, swelling of legs, ankles, feet, problems of left ear, eye troubles, fever, malaria, high blood pressure fractures, constipation, insomnia. dropsy, defective blood circulation, eczema, skin troubles and ulcerated gums.

Persons born with Kumbha rashi are intelligent and prefer educated & equally intelligent spouses. Are unassuming and do not boss over others. The spouses are law abiding, honest, sincere, dutiful, and noble persons. They love peace and harmony.  

Suitable match for Kumbha born persons are Mithuna & Tula rashi born persons. Husbands are intelligent, have little time to pay attention to their wives and family. They are very humane, kind, sympathetic, accommodating and generous. They educate and encourage their children to be bold and expressive. They are very social and they keep their homes clean, tidy and well furnished. Love to entertain their friends.

Suitable careers for Kumbha rashi born persons are as scientists, executives, lecturer, astrologer, legal or financial advisor, mine contractor, shipping & export, practice in medicine, social service, pump set dealer, export and import business, building construction, mechanical engineering, brick kiln owner, cement dealer, surgeon, dealer of lead, copper & steel.

Lucky days are Thursdays, Friday, Tuesday and Monday. Suitable colours are Yellow, Red, White and Cream. Lucky numbers are 3,9,2 and 7. Suitable gemstones is Blue Sapphire.