Pitra Dosh

Pitra Dosh means there is some karma of ancestors which needs to be either completed. It is the sufferings caused when one has to suffer for the doings of one’s ancestors. This Dosh occurs when the Sun, Moon or Rahu are in the ninth house of the birth chart. The ninth house is the house of the father, forefathers and ancestors.

  1. It occurs when the departed souls curse their own family.
  2. When an outsider had cursed the ancestors and the curse continues in the family.
  3. When the old members for your family are not taken care of and left alone and they curse.

Pitra Dosh can cause sufferings like – Lungs and nerve injury, Joblessness, chronic long term diseases, repeated miscarriages, weak teeth and gums, delay in marriages, grievous health or mental issue, poverty and debts, restlessness, confrontations and disagreements in the family, and nightmares of snakes.

Pitra dosh can be corrected by offering food to brahmins during the Shradh period. Brahmins should be fed on the death anniversary of the ancestor.

Offer balls of dough to cows, fulfil the wishes and complete incomplete tasks of the ancestors, donate food on every Amavasya. Take their names and pray for their blessings before undertaking new projects. Offer water to Banyan tree every Sunday and light a lamp under the Banyan tree every Saturday.